TAP 166 - A Guide To Meditation With Jason Connell


In this episode I talk about to my friend Jason Connell.  We discuss his experience with meditation from how to do it, how it changed Jason, its risks, and more…


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A link to Jason's blog covering this: http://jasonconnell.co/meditation/

In this particular episode you will learn:

Here are the main points we cover from Jason's blog: 

1 - I’ve increased mastery over my thoughts and feelings.

2 - I’ve found a deep sense of unity and connection between others, the world, and myself.

3 - On a good day, I understand that the past and future are mental constructs and that I have everything I need in this exact moment.

4 - I’ve gained easy and fluid access to my own innate resilience, confidence, calm, and courage.

5 - The benefits virtually everyone experiences: increased happiness, increased resilience, decreased anxiety, and a renewed ability to focus.