TAP 114 - Glenn Livingston - Never Binge Again


In this episode I speak to Glenn Livingston about binge eating and what we can do about it. We discuss how it's related to anxiety and many of the considerations about how to set yourself up for success when it comes to eating. 


Glenn's site http://neverbingeagain.com/

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Glenn used to exercise a lot in order to eat whatever he wanted to eat
- How Glenn did a self funded study to find out about people's relationship to food
- What a black and white addiction is
- How you can handle mistakes when it comes to food

The 4 categories for food that Glenn discusses:

1 - What foods will you never eat again?
2 - What foods will you eat occassionally?
3 - What foods will you eat always?
4 - What foods can you eat in an unrestricted way?

- Why Glenn calls the voice in your head "the pig" that makes you eat foods that aren't good for you
- Why you need to plan for success and why Glenn uses the word "never" in the book
- "It's almost impossible to binge in you're not yelling at yourself while you do it"
- A lot of people thing if you beat yourself up enough the pig can have whatever it wants
- Why you should focus on your goals, on the big why's in order to get there
- Focus on people's feelings rather than the food when someone gives you food
- Why you should "Be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Change yourself don't try to convince others to change
- How the food industry is against you (the most calories in the smallest most attractive package for the lowest price)

12 Pig Squeals that are hard to recognize 

1 - You're so good at getting back on track again
2 - 90% compliance is good enough
3 - You'll never be able to stick to any food plan whatsoever
4 - A planned and controlled binge once in a while isn't bad
5 - The pig doesn't really exist
6 - We should just be grateful
7 - You've just binged shame on you
8 - You can exercise off the calories
9 - You must eat something off your plan every once in a while or you'll starve
10 - The pig saying that it's as smart as you are and therefore you should listen to it's point of view
11 - You've nearly made it, why not have a binge
12 - You can't diet on willpower alone