TAP 164 - Nick Notas on Dating, Confidence and What To Say In The First 60 Seconds


In this episode I talk about to Nick Notas about the ins and outs of dating, relationships and human engagement.  He also shares some tips on what to do in the first 60 seconds of a conversation.

Nick has been a dating coach for over 9 years. His passion is helping great guys become confident, social, and successful with women.


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Nick struggled to talk to girls in the early days

- How Nick wanted to have more of an authentic experience for his clients vs the pick up line type approach

- How we can engage with people more by being more curious about others

- Why not being attached makes having real conversations so much easier

- Every interaction is an opportunity to practice being better at communicating

- Why people are desperate for connection (and free chicken)

- How to start the first 60 seconds of a conversation

- How little steps can lead to big changes

- Purposefully put your phone away to give people your full attention