TAP 256 - Pain, Sunshine & Gratitude


In this episode I talk about my last week in Las Vegas including putting my back out, how I engaged during my trip and the highlights and insights I encountered.  

I also discuss the current workout regime I've just started.

My current workout is 2 hours and 24 mins per week and looks like this:

HIIT you can do twice per week.

You can get an app called "Interval Timer"

Set it to 12 mins. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Jumping squats/ Push ups/ Running on the spot/ Crunches.  And repeat!

For the weights routine it's twice per week also:

Day 1 - DB Press (better for shoulders than bench press)
Weighted pull ups (or start with machine that helps you)
work up to heavy 3X5 for each one.

Day 2 - DB Press
Weighted pull ups

Aim of approx 2 mins of rest between sets


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