TAP 117 - Pat Divilly - No Bus Money to Worldwide Success with a Few Bumps Along The Way


In this episode I speak to Pat Divilly about how he went from training 5 people on a beach to training thousands worldwide in his business.  We discuss this growth for him and some of the challenges he's faced along the way.


Pat's site: http://www.patdivilly.com/

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Pat started with 5 clients on his local beach to building up to thousands of clients

- How he realized by focusing on making other people happy that it in turn made him happy

- After getting success that he began to feel overwhelmed and worried about losing the success he'd achieved

- Why Pat makes his audience think they're going to do karaoke

- What does your perfect day look like?

- What are your core values and are you who do you want to be in the world

- "Love is being the first person to say hello"