TAP 120 - Randy Kelley - Former Navy Seal Sniper on Shooting, Meditation & Finding Flow


In this episode I speak to Randy Kelley about his vast experience from martial arts to being a navy seal sniper.  Today he helps people meditate, relax and work on being totally present (while shooting).




In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Randy felt as he went into combat

- Randy breaks things down into what he can handle and can't handle

- How Randy automates things so that he can conserve energy for events he's not expecting

- What Randy means by conditioning himself to higher levels of stress

- Why it's important to be present instead of emotional

- How Randy would mentally prepare for every eventuality 

- Randy talks about his fear of flying and how he processed it

- How Randy integrates meditation with long range shooting

- How Randy deals with anxiety

- "To have an ambition but not be held by an ambition"