TAP 182 - Fly On The Wall with Tim & Ricardo


This week, I have an inspiring and casual conversation with my very good friend, Ricardo Laborin.  We often have very in depth conversations in real life and felt it would be fantastic to share some of them with the TAP community.

Ricardo had his own experience with anxiety and it forced him to make some massive changes in his life.  Since I met Ricardo in 2013 we have travelled to various parts of the world in pursuit of a better life and we will be continuing that endeavor. 



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In this episode you will learn:

  • Ricardo’s story: how he went from banking to having a panic attack to changing his life (4:44)
  • Anecdotes from the Dublin retreat (14:35)
  • The importance of disconnecting and paying attention to your surroundings (15:58)
  • Information that you absorb affects who you are (22:50)
  • How can we live more mindfully? (24:50)
  • How life is so much more than money (29:05)
  • How anxiety is the one of the best things that happened to Ricardo (35:43)
  • Ricardo’s experience with anxiety medication (40:08)
  • How self-confidence is a result of putting in time and effort (44:48)
  • How getting over anxiety is one foot after the other  (55:00)
  • Don’t wait for “Monday” to start your journey (57:48)



“Inside our thick skulls, we are still pretty primitive” (20:05)

“Technology is beautiful and lovely, but it’s a two-edged sword” (20:40)

“Snippets of information don’t amount to anything nutritious, it’s intellectual junk food and we as humans need depth” (23:05)

“What are we missing when we are just staring at our screens 24/7?” (23:35)

“Humans are not good at learning vicariously” (34:55)

“In hindsight, anxiety is the best thing that happened to me” (35:43)

“It might seem like a curse when it’s happening but it serves a purpose” (36:47)

“Our body is telling us something is wrong but we keep doing it again and again" (37:26)

“The real results come out of effort” (45:00)

“There is no quick fix, it’s just an illusion" (51:33)