TAP 167 - What I Learned From Spending The Day With Seth Godin


In this episode I talk about how I recently attended a one day event hosted by Seth Godin.  I shared the biggest takeaways and points that were most impactful to me. 


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- Engage with the people you seek to change

- Would they miss you if you didn't show up tomorrow

- Getting people's attention is a privilege

- Don't water down your message because the masses don't care anyway

- Not caring is a choice

- "You have the ability to do anything but not the assurance you're capable"

4 Key Points

1 - You exist to make change happen

2 - Who are you trying to change (not everyone as they don't care)

3 - Why will they pay attention and trust you

4 - Why will they tell their friends

- Reassurance is futile because there is never enough of it

- Don't shop for a method, show for commitment

- If you're not committed all the tactics in the world won't help

The quote from Seth's book at the end:

Dance with fear, dance with done, dance with the resistance, dance with each other, dance with art.