TAP 108 - Shane Stott on Climbing The Anxiety Mountain & Floating Away


In this episode I speak to Shane Stott about his own personal struggle with anxiety and what he did to move past it.  We talk about his journey and how he started a float tank business after finding it so beneficial. 


Shane's website - http://www.shanestott.com/

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Shane drank heavily and due to that and lack of sleep began having panic attacks

- How Shane went to the church of scientology when he was desperate for help

- How guided meditation was very useful for Shane in terms of overcoming anxiety

- What Shane's experience was like trying to get off of his medication

- How Shane got involved in his family business and then started his float tank business

- How after putting float tanks online he got a following from others looking to build float tanks at home

- What a float tank does for people with anxiety

- We discuss how anxiety still shows up for us today