TAP 218 - Stephanie Dalfonzo - There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution For Anxiety


This week I chat with Stephanie Dalfonzo. Her first career was as “Stevie Knox,” one of South Florida’s most popular radio DJs but over 20 years later, Stephanie is now a  Speaker, Spiritual Healer and Coach, Yoga Teacher and Certified Hypnotist (among other things). We discuss how to move from anxiety, fear, stress and despair to freedom, peace of mind and joy in their lives while sharing inspirational empowerment with simple action steps.



In this episode you will learn:

  • How Stephanie got into her career
  • How EFT cured her Insomnia
  • How she learned more techniques 
  • The benefits of combining modalities
  • The ACEs experiment (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • Examples of how childhood trauma affects you in adulthood
  • Suffering from Imposter Syndrome
  • We need to stop pushing back negative emotions
  • The holographic memory resolution 
  • What forms of meditation does Stephanie like?
  • Why your money fear is keeping you broke
  • The power of 3
  • Opening up to the world around you
  • Just take one step
  • Give yourself permission to drink the good things in
  • How can fear manifest in different ways
  • The physical manifestation of fear



There is no one-size-fits-all approach”

“What you resist, persists”

“Healing doesn’t have to hurt.”

“Let your brain do a Google search for you”

“Write yourself a permission slip and sit with it."




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