TAP 170 - Tammy Price With An Intuitive Approach to Anxiety and Health

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In this episode I talk to Tammy Price, a certified Medical Intuitive on how she left her career in Finance to start a journey of self-healing, rebalancing and living authentically. Tammy explains how we need to look more inwards to discover how we can better our health and overall wellness. 

The book Tammy discusses: “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson

Coming out this year: “Shifting Into High Gear, A Guide to Listening to Your Body” by Nikki Hopewell & Tammy Price




“When step into what we are really meant to be doing, the anxiety falls away”

“When we are not being who we need to be, our body sends us messages” 

“A medical intuitive is able to look through the body and identify, using intuition, areas of congestion” 


In this episode you will learn: 

- Tammy explains the spiritual aspect and human aspect of living 

- How to get more in touch with your heart and your truth 

- Being a happy person through bringing together mind, body and soul

- The difference between what you think you need to do vs with what you are meant to do

- Why it’s unhealthy to put tape over your anxiety

- How medical illness can be a result of suppressing the real you

- How the power of thought plays a role in our health and overall wellness

- Why humans attach negative energy on what you are eating

- How Medical Intuition works simultaneously with your Primary Care Physician