TAP 150 - Dr Terry Wahls on Reversing Chronic Disease With Diet Alone


In this episode I talk to Dr Terry Wahls about her struggle with multiple sclerosis.  After trying the traditional approaches to treat MS she took control of her own destiny.  Through her research she realized that diet was the answer and began to implement radical changes which ultimately saved her life.  

Terry L. Wahls, M.D., is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City and the director of the Therapeutic Lifestyle Clinic at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Health Care System, where she treats veterans with autoimmune, neurological, and medical problems using diet and lifestyle interventions.

In addition, she is a clinical researcher, studying the use of diet and lifestyle interventions in autoimmune and other chronic disease states; her current clinical trial featuring the Wahls Paleo Diet received the support of the National Mutliple Sclerosis Society.

Diagnosed in 2000 with multiple sclerosis, Dr. Wahls became a proponent of integrative and functional medicine, which helped her create an intensive nutrition, lifestyle, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation protocol that would treat the severe disability caused by her MS.

She has made it her mission to spread the word about The Wahls Protocoland her own inspirational story of recovery through her TEDx talk, which has received more than 2.4 million hits; her website, www.terrywahls.com; the Wahls Foundation; and Wahls Protocol Seminars. Dr. Wahls lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her wife.


Dr Wahls Ted Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLjgBLwH3Wc

Terry's website: terrywahls.com

Terry's book "The Wahls Protocol" https://www.amazon.com/Wahls-Protocol-Autoimmune-Conditions-Principles/dp/1583335544

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Terry was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 

- How she went through the traditional route of treatment but it wasn't making her any better

- Terry began to take her health into her own hands

- After getting most of her nutrients from food she started to notice things change

- 12 months later she was able to do a 20 mile bike ride with her family 

- Terry talks about epigenetic's and how we can fundamentally change the cards we're dealt

- Terry explains mitochondrial starvation

- How the Wahls protocol works

- How certain foods cause the increased risk of a variety of issues

- How you can get started today