TAP 174 - Kute Blackson - You Are The One

This week I talk to Kute Blackson, a charismatic visionary and transformational teacher who offers a fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness for a whole new generation.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute's multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father has spanned four different continents. His unique lineage lay the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual's true gifts and greatness. 

Kute recently published his debut book, You.Are.The.One. in June 2016. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to own your truth (8:40)
  • How fear can be a friend and a signal (15:30)
  • How to take the label off fear and call it energy (17:50)
  • How to live out our potential (19:00)
  • Fear is creating a negative future fantasy (20:15)
  • Bring our attention to this moment (21:20)
  • We are vessels fulfilling dreams (24:25)
  • How to separate ourselves from our Ego (27:45)
  • Surrender yourself to something bigger than yourselves (30:00)
  • What Kute discovered when he walked in the Himalayas (37:00)
  • How to stop waiting and live in the now (41:00)
  • How to accept and make peace with death (45:00)
  • The beauty of the human experience (47:21)
  • No one is coming, we need to take responsibility (50:00)


  • “If we’re really honest, we know the truth, we know who we are, we know what we really want and yet out of fear… we don’t tell the truths to ourselves” (8:08)
  • "Feel the truth, own the truth, tell the truth, live the truth. That’s what sets us free” (9:45)
  • "When we really follow our authentic heart, life, the universe, whatever you want to call it, supports us” (11:53)
  • "You don’t always have to know where you are going in order to get to exactly where you need to be” (13:00)
  • "If you don’t face some kind of fear in your life, chances are you are living a life that’s way too small" (18:12)
  • "Our dreams choose us" (24:25)
  • "We are often waiting for life to present the perfect opportunity when life is actually waiting for us" (34:30)
  • "How would I need to live so I have no regrets” (41:00)
  • "Each day we have is not a right, it’s literally a privilege, it’s a gift we’ve been given by the universe" (41:20)
  • “Every breath you take is proof of love and the universe” (53:48)


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Books mentioned:

Creative Visualization - Shakti Gawain

The DARE Response - Barry McDonagh