TAP 045 - Zander Robertson on Honouring His Gift, Travel & Becoming a Professional Ghostwriter



In this episode Zander Robertson shares some great stories and insights that he's had in his life to date.  Including following his heart to become a writer and making some hard decisions in the process.

Zander Robertson is NOT a professional writer. At least that's what he told himself for most of his adult life. A personal breakthrough at the age of 32 finally woke him from his slumber and got him back into writing where he belonged all along. The signs were there from a young age, when Zander ran a newspaper with his brother and cousins. What pulled him away from his love? Who knows? Social pressure? Failure of vision? 

Experiencing vulnerability in a business mastermind group for the first time ultimately led him back to his passion. 

Today, Zander enables world-class, heartfelt people to tell stories and share powerful messages. He's ghostwritten more than 20 books over the past 5 years and coaches new writers.

The article I referenced in the podcast - James Altucher - The Ultimate Guide to Reinventing Yourself - http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2015/10/reinventing-yourself/

Zanders Website - http://zanderrobertson.com/


In this particular episode you will learn:

- How being in a very competitive family can be hard on you when you're young

- How there can be pressure on what you should do when you grow up

- Why the deferred life method doesn't work

- Why sometimes it takes a 3rd party to open us up to chasing our dreams

- How Zander took a big leap to change his life

- How when Zander said out loud that he wanted to be a writer his first opportunity showed up

- How vulnerability builds relationships rapidly

- Why Zander moved to Jamaica & South Korea

- How alcohol plays less of a role in our lives now

- What is the role of being a ghost writer

- What Zander thinks about writers block

- What Zander's typical day looks like




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