What People Are Saying About Tim...

"After spending 18-months struggling with chronic anxiety that sucked all the life out of me, I finally decided to do something about it. So I hired Tim. I had resonated with his story and I was ready to take action. I had my initial fears about hiring a coach, but I was serious about getting my life back, so I went for it.

 The results have been nothing short of life changing. I have my life and health back again. I no longer wake up in fear or spend my days in a fog. Tim's methods are so effective that I was able to see results after our first call. I was able to realize that I was in a huge misalignment in my career. So, with Tim's help, I quit my job and started my own business helping others. I would have never had the courage to make that leap if were not for Tim and his coaching. 

I am so grateful for Tim. He has given me the tools to take back control of my life and live more fully. It is incredible to see how far I have come. 

I cannot recommend Tim and his coaching highly enough. If you struggle with anxiety and are tired of suffering, then hire Tim now!

It will no doubt be the best return on an investment you will ever receive."

- Ben Foley

"After years of suffering with anxiety I have spent the past two years working with some great coaches who have helped me overcome panic disorder.

The next natural step for me was start striving again in the areas of my life where anxiety had held me back through misalignment in my lifestyle to accomplish the various personal goals I had set myself but had been too fearful to attain.

This is when I got in touch with Tim who has been working with me to help me move through these blockers caused by anxiety.  Tim has helped me see where my values were out of alignment and was causing me unwanted stress. 

Tim has worked with me in various areas of my life addressing my eating habits, sleep patterns, fitness and career goals with some great tools such as journaling, meditation and exercise techniques. 


Most importantly Tim has helped me discover my life purpose and create a clear road map empowering me to move to the next stage of my life which I had been holding back due to anxiety.  I now have my own business and am making the tough decisions to move forward which in the past have left me paralysed with fear and doubt.

Working with Tim has been invaluable and I can now see where the years of unwanted anxiety had built up through wanting to be a perfectionist in all areas of my life.  This perfectionism lead to lots procrastination until one day my mind had enough and I started having panic attacks.

Tim’s greatest assets are his ability to actively listen, offer great advice and provide lots of tools to work on in between the sessions.  This approach worked for me because I made lots of small steps each week which very quickly have amassed to big changes.

Working with Tim whilst challenging at times is extremely rewarding when you come through the other end and start to move forward.  I would recommend working with Tim in a heartbeat."

- Lee Moore

"I am a 51 year old woman who has had some level of anxiety almost her entire life.  It ebbs and flows, but it is always there as an undercurrent.  I have tried to muscle through it.  I have hidden in my house and quaked.  I have tried medication.  I have tried several therapists.  I think I’ve read every book known to man, concerning anxiety.  Last year my anxiety showed up in new ways— I was clenching my teeth at night and my jaw muscles were hurting.  I was nervous in my own house.  I retreated into a shell of procrastination.  I could feel myself slipping down into a familiar swirl of anxiety and I didn’t want to go there again, but didn’t know how to help myself.  

Then I spoke to Tim.

Tim asked me some hard questions about why I wanted to get better and how badly did I want this.  He said that anxiety is the first part of it all, and then it becomes more like living your life in your own truth and anxiety may still be a part of you, but it’s not your daily focus.  He and I talked about having a consult appointment set up and I decided to go for it.  I was kind of nervous, but I thought some sessions couldn’t hurt and maybe could help.  Fast forward 3+ months.  It is now mid-December, and I am done with my initial sessions with Tim.  I have just signed up for another round with him because, in a nutshell, he is one of the kindest, wisest men that I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  He has been compassionate in his listening, and thoughtful with his answers and suggestions.  He always focuses on me for the entire hour of time, and patiently listens to me tell what has been going on for me and then he magically leads me to a place where I answer a question by looking back on what I’ve experienced and I can see it with new eyes. 


His suggestions have been tough sometimes, and his techniques that he suggests are not hard but take perseverance and putting yourself first.  Sometimes I still feel anxious, but now I have tools to work with it, and I also am blossoming inside by having the hard conversations, getting to the truth of a matter and standing up for what I believe in, in the face of resistance.   I am thrilled to pieces that I met Tim, and that he is in my corner.  Working with Tim was one of the best things that I ever did for myself.  He is the real deal, and really cares to help people improve their lives by calming down and living life on their own terms. "

              - Terri Penshorn

"Tim's approach is simple but effective: he removes all of the nonsense, shiny objects, and fluff getting in your way and focuses on the issue at the heart of your anxiety problem. 

Tim has a way of subtlety getting you on the path to results. If you're tired of living in fear, making excuses, and dancing around what causes your anxiety, Tim will give you the clarity you need to get across the finish line. I love this approach because it's how I help the people I serve, and because it's so effective."

 - Andrew Henderson

"When I contacted Tim, my anxiety was interfering with my daily life, I felt like I was functioning on low battery and was not sure what I was doing wrong. 3 months of VIP coaching with Tim brought so much awareness, and I now have a much better understanding of my anxiety and its triggers. 

Tim gave me so many insights and helpful tips on how to manage my daily life to avoid being overwhelmed and anxious. For the first time in my life, I really understood the meaning of “taking care of myself first”, and that was a real breakthrough. I would definitely recommend Tim's VIP coaching to anyone who has the determination to start the “less anxiety more life” journey. Thank you Tim!"

- Mona Sultan

Anxiety is a big thing.  I’ve wrestled with it all my life and after 50 years I resolved to “lean in” and try, to confront my demons.  The thing is, dealing with anxiety is hard work!  Serious business. You have to work at it and I wanted a champion!  Someone to talk to, to hold me accountable, but also someone who’d been there.  That had dealt with these issues themselves.  That’s was Tim is.  

I needed one on one help and he offered support, words of wisdom and his experience in those difficult times.  I’m more than grateful to Tim, for what he’s doing to help others, his courses, his podcasts (which are awesome) but more importantly his commitment to helping those dealing with anxiety no matter what the cause or source.  You can’t go wrong here!! Thanks Tim.

- Ross Copeland


THANK YOU for my second life!

 in iTunes by @NSwoods208 

After 39 years of struggling quietly with anxiety / depression it finally knocked the legs out from under me. My mind & soul couldn't take any more and I fell into a debilitating "nervous breakdown". Constant cold sweat panic, I couldn't eat, sleep, breathe or cope with daily life. It took me to a dark place where I didn't want to live anymore if life was always going to be this painful struggle. Then the universe dropped Tim into my lap at exactly the right time (as it always does). His story resonated deeply with me. Tim's unreserved openness, vulnerability and compassion to help all of us is a rare treasure. Tim and his wise guests helped me "open the cracks to let the light in". They helped guide me to a new & beautiful vantage point in which to view life. I am grateful & excited for this "second life" with a new set of eyes. Not only do I thank you Tim, but also my wife and two beautiful young children...from our hearts. 

#TAP is not just a podcast

in iTunes by Imnstphnuy 

This is honestly what I wrote Tim JP Collins earlier today, thanking him for making a difference in my life a podcast at a time. Hello Tim, I just wanted to thank you for helping me see clearer and breath easier on days when I thought it was just getting too heavy. I've recently introduced your podcast to my girlfriend, who is also a close family friend of Gary, and she has listened regularly and created positive changes in her day-to-day activities thanks to people like you who strive to make a change. I always and will always share your opinions and ideas with people openly - cause they have done wonders for me especially in the way that I think and go about my day. So thank you, sincerely. 

Sincere and Real

in iTunes by Rose_2086 

Thank you Tim for your hard work, research, and your sincerity. This podcast will help anyone struggling with anxiety, frustration, depression, their thoughts and their decisions. I also strongly recommend it to family members or friends who know of someone that is struggling. It will help them understand what their loved one is going through and how to help them move forward. Tim, his guests and the variety of topics he covers, will educate you on the most relatable and sincere level of the reality of anxiety and how you can work with it. Tim helps me on a weekly basis through my tough moments and he reminds me to embrace my good moments. Thank you Tim for creating this podcast and opening the discussion on anxiety on a very relatable level. I have recommended this podcast to those that I see are struggling in hopes that it will help them as much as it helps me. Keep up the excellent work Tim! 

A Masterpiece of Honesty, vulnerability and Connection. The world needs more of this!!

 iTunes by Nicholas Theodorou 

It's really hard to articulate how relevant, important and wonderful this podcast is. As someone who has lived a large portion of my life with anxiety and who is currently working through PTSD, Tim's show has been an absolute pleasure to listen to. His content is top notch and his guests are genuine kind hearted people who share incredible relatable stories and offer tons of useful content. I've read, listened to and experienced many other sources of anxiety support and I can honestly say that this podcast has been my best resource to date. Thanks for having the courage to do this Tim. Your work has supported me greatly, made me feel deeply and inspired me to the core. I always look forward to your next episodes, really appreciate all that they have to offer and the massive amounts of awareness that they have created for this topic that has flown under the radar for way too long. Keep up the great work!! Cheers 

Best anxiety podcast I know of

in iTunes by Glorybythewayofshame  

I have listened to a dozen or so podcasts in mental health and/or anxiety, Tim's podcast is by far the most helpful and sensible. I like the length of the clips, short yet long enough to bestow amazing wisdom and tools for success. Follow, you will be changed and empowered! 

Something for everybody

in iTunes by Ian Conway 

This podcast is a tremendous resource for anybody coping with anxiety issues. The interview segments typically deal with one specific topic that may or may not apply to you, but one will generally find some insight to be gained in almost every episode. Tim has dealt with his own anxiety problems and is very frank about what has and hasn’t worked for him. There are some truly revelatory moments, and you will come away with a different mindset about anxiety, and how to manage and live with it. 

"Leaning Into Your Fear and Taking Small Steps to Act on It

I have a massive fear of heights. Anything with heights has stopped me and held me back.

Last week, I took a literal leap of faith to face this fear. We went up to the top of a bridge and bungy-jumped. 

A special shout-out to Tim JP Collins for sharing the message on leaning into your fear and acting on it. He opened me up to recognizing how debilitating fear/anxiety is and how to deal with it"

 - Raul Rivera