Take Care of Your Employees, So They Can Take Care of Business

Stress at work isn't always bad, it can get us motivated to finish a project, stay focused and hit deadlines.  At appropriate levels it can keep you on your toes during a presentation and even create better engagement with coworkers and clients.

But today we are busier and more connected than we've ever been.  Long hours, deadlines, constantly being ON can leave us feeling overwhelmed, worried and uncertain. Reports show that job stress is a leading factor in health complaints (over financial and family problems).

Tim JP Collins is helping people around the world overcome stress and consider their full potential both in their personal and professional lives. 

Tim runs workshops and experiences to help your business have happier, healthier and more connected employees.



Simply put, I've been there.

I worked for years in start ups & big companies.

I've been at the bottom of the ladder and a VP.

I've started an entrepreneurial business on my own and sold it. 

There was stress in all of those roles and I didn't receive any support at all in terms of managing it or avoiding it all together. 

Sometimes this meant that I didn't sleep well, gained weight, had brain fog, limited attention span at work, less patience for my family and drank too much alcohol.

Over the long term it compounded into constant tension and anxiety.



Do you want happier, more productive and more engaged employees?

Your brain at positive performs significantly better than negative, neutral or stressed.

My mission is to help support you to make your employees less stressed and more productive.

By providing people with education, support and accountability to be less stressed, they can be at their best.

Develop your employees. 

Invest in your people.

Boost Your Business' Bottom Line

A study published in the February 2010 issue of Health Affairs found that for every dollar invested in a comprehensive workplace wellness program, companies saved $3.27 in medical costs and $2.73 in costs related to absenteeism.

Here are a few of things that Tim works with employees on:

  • Time Management - How to plan your day for maximum impact

  • Managing Workload - Prioritizing work and wellbeing

  • Nutrition - Fuelling yourself for success

  • Exercise - Have all the energy you need 

  • Journaling - Acknowledge success and recognize your wins

  • Meditation - Multi tasking is tiring - Learn to focus on one thing

  • Random Acts of Kindness - Connecting with co-workers and clients in a new way

  • Gratitude - Re train your brain to look for the good in the world

  • Alignment - The key to success in life 


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